Caterpillar Corporate | Peoria, IL

We designed this technologically advanced food hall is 100% self-checkout and offers grab and go, a pizza deli, salad bar, and full barista bar.

Foodservice of the Future

Caterpillar's new food hall is taking convenience to the next level with 100% self-checkout technology. Featuring a pizza deli, salad bar, and full barista bar, this tech-savvy space makes dining on-the-go easier than ever before.


quick bites for busy professionals

With a grab and go area, full barista bar, and self-service salad bar, Caterpillar's cafe is perfect for busy professionals who need to fuel up quickly. And with no manned cashiers in the servery, you can enjoy your meal and get back to work in no time.


the convenience of technology

Caterpillar Corporate Cafe's 100% self-checkout food hall boasts an innovative pay and weigh station at its self-service salad bar. The station is double-sided with a shared prep island, creating a seamless and efficient experience. Come experience the convenience and technology at Caterpillar Corporate Cafe.


pay and weigh

Pay and weigh stations are self-service stations where guests can select their food items and weigh them to determine the price before paying. These stations are becoming increasingly popular in foodservice design as they offer guests more control and customization over their meals while also reducing food waste and improving efficiency. 

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