We think it's fair to say, that everyone likes to work with people they enjoy.  Is there a better way to get to know someone than finding out the 'good stuff'? With a growing team and a few new faces around the office, it seems like a good time help you get to know us better.

Fun Fact: Our team combined has over 150+ years of FoodService Design experience


  • Great design, Realistic VFX & Photorealism and my wife & kids Art, music, photography/light, nature, architecture, historical sites
  • Humility
  • My competitiveness sprinkled with some serious OCD. If it weren’t for either of these, I’d be a major slacker
  • The underdog in anything
  • My hubby, kids, & grandkids
  • People who will stop at nothing to make a positive difference in others
  • My brother, Ray …. & traveling!
  • Passionate People
  • Abstract design and modern art
  • People who try and leave the world better than they found it
  • What: The idea of design that expands peoples persona of what can be done,  Who: Garth Brooks
  • The ability to guide a person’s feelings and experiences through space
  • Julius Shulman, photographer of mid-century modern architecture. His beautiful representation of light and composition has been an a big inspiration for me when creating 3D renderings


  • American Tap Room – Dallas, TX, Johns Hopkins Hospital (Renderings only)
  • USC – Beefsteak Renderings
  • Raymond James Tower 6. I got to design with latin, colorful flair
  • Rowan for 2016 - and going to be TAMU Commons for 2017
  • Cantina 1511 at Park Road and Central Table at Barnes Jewish
  • Capital One - The Den
  • Presbyterian Kitchen Renovation, Northrup Grumman, Auburn University - Athletic Dining
  • EATS Café @ Capital One, Richmond Campus
  • The next one…
  • Too many to choose…
  • SUNY Purchase
  • ManhattanVille Starbucks
  • University of South Carolina – Russel House, it was a unique concept that was taken beyond our usual boundaries


  • Travel would be ideal
  • Beach, book, cigar & snack (all at the same time)
  • Making Beer, Barbecuing with family, Golf, Photography, Beach Holiday in Idyllic location
  • Relaxing with my wife and dogs, being in the mountains, running, music, going out to eat, shopping and video games
  • Backpacking in the mountains
  • Mountain home, writing stories
  • Being outdoors, working on my farm and enjoying nature.
  • Music Festivals with my wife 😊
  • Boating
  • A hammock, book, sunshine and nice breeze (with no bugs or neighbors within 20 miles)
  • Relaxing on the beach with a nice cold adult beverage!
  • Camping!
  • Building something or designing something that I have been told can’t be done or fixing something just because I can
  • It’s a tie between being on the beach with my dogs and a smoothie and being curled up with a book, art project, or new music on a rainy day
  • Embracing any moment I can to escape from my everyday life.  i.e. Being outdoors and/or by the water


  • GOT, Breaking Bad, House of Cards
  • Shows: The bachelor/bachelorette, Top Chef, and Inked
  • Game of Thrones
  • Hershey Bars
  • Can't say…
  • CBS Survivor, Fifthy Harmony, chocolate cake
  • Tuning into some good old soul music and tuning everyone else out
  • It was Breaking Bad, now it’s Preacher!
  • All things gluten
  • Skinwars and a blueberry/pineapple dessert I only allow myself to eat for my birthday
  • Anything on Bravo and I love real crime and wrongful conviction Podcasts
  • Re-watching my favorite movies; some of my favorites include Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and ANY Marvel movies...combined, I’ve probably seen them over 100 times!
  • Cars or anything with a motor, wheels and the perfect exhaust note
  • All dance competitions (except for Dancing with the Stars, for some reason)
  • Koan (Underground Electronic Music Group), Ray Donovan (Very addicting TV Show)

...Can you relate? Don't be afraid to let us know!


First Annual QC Dining Spring Soirée

We had a great time enjoying all who came out for some fun while bringing together all pillars of the local dining industry and community. Corporate Partners, Restaurant Developers and Owners, Chefs, Design Professionals, Architects, Real Estate Developers, and Manufacturers alike all came to mingle with and support other members of the growing hospitality community here in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

Attendees enjoyed:

VisionBuilders and Design was proud to host such a successful event, and can't wait until our next one. Please enjoy our pictures (Robyn Dawn Photos) and don't be shy to let us know if you're interested in participating in our next event!


QC Dining Spring Soiree VisionBuilders



Rendering before after kitchen california


“Are you in Revit?”

It's the number one question we always ask our Equipment Reps when we meet with them.

It has become second nature for our Foodservice team to ask this question. This is because we all realize the importance of having families that represent the final product being specified correctly is to fitting into the overall design of a space. Though it is possible for the content to be created by our own Foodservice team it is more ideal that those families come direct from the manufacturer and are 100% accurate. (i.e. all options and all utility information is correct, etc.)

Why having accurate families is so important? All items of foodservice effect other disciplines and require a lot of coordination between all trades. Utility locations and even leg locations on equipment can be a nightmare in the field if they are incorrect in our Revit family.

There are numerous avenues where Foodservice equipment content is available, such as KCL and AutoQuotes. Most manufacturers already use these platforms to get their content out to designers, and they are also very helpful and prompt if any issues occur with their software. Having incorrect information in your schedule can happened to any of us, (and shows that you are human) but it is a hindrance to the overall project that could easily be avoided. At the end of the day, as Foodservice Consultants that use the Revit program on 100% of our work, we believe having the most accurate information in Revit is top priority. As integral parts of these projects, everything we do affects other areas and the flow of the overall project.

Rendering before after kitchen california

Summers Heating Up!

Popcicles, New Materials, Oh My! 

What a busy summer it has been for us here at Vision Builders!  With tons of new projects coming in the door the Interior Design team has to make sure they stay on top of latest and greatest material trends. They do this by hosting representatives from different vendors in the office twice a week and allow them to show their newest materials and ideas.  This is very beneficial to the Interior Design team as being able to see these materials in person sparks ideas for many current projects that they may be working on. Whether it is a show and tell from the 3Form rep that includes the yummy and local King of Pops, or a “wear” test with on the newest and most durable Armstrong flooring products, this is a great learning exercise that keeps the Interior Designers on top of what new products our vendors are coming up with!


Launch of the newly re-designed Vision Builders and Design website.

It has been a long time coming, with a lot of hard work and strong vision, but VB is proud to announce to our clients and partners that we have launched the re-design of our website! Our current website has been online for many years and we decided it was about time our website was in alignment with who we are as a company – passionate, innovative, collaborative, and committed.

“We wanted to create a distinctive new look for our website that would accurately represent us as creatives, designers and pioneers in the foodservice industry and provide us with a portal where we could showcase our work and services to new and existing clients.” – Adrian Sutherland, Lead Graphic Designer of VB says.

Along with the launch of our new website, we have decided to become active via social media (blog, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn). We want to connect with clients, partners, designers, and food enthusiasts around the world. How will we do this? We will do this by posting the latest design and food service trends, updates on projects we have been a part of, and also keep you up to date on what is going on in the VB office. See our links below and stay tuned for many exciting posts!


To celebrate our two remote workers coming to Charlotte for the week, we decided it was the perfect time for our whole team to get out of the office early and have some fun! We all went to Tyber Creek to play some games (corn hole, giant jinga, ping-pong, etc.) and have a few cold ones– you could call us a sporty, social bunch! Stay tuned for future VB outings!


Vision Builders is so excited to announce we have opened a new office in the booming town of Alexandria, Virginia! We believe this 2nd location will allow for growth and many more opportunities. Along with the new location and home for Keith Fennelly, we have hired a new employee to assist in projects that are closer to the area. Salma Aref is originally from Egypt, but has lived in Hawaii for most of her life. She has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies in Interior Design as well as a Doctorate in Architecture which included a semester of working abroad in Abu Dhabi. Her thesis focused on changing the perspective with which planners used to address the informal housing crisis around the world. When she’s not defending her computer against Revit errors, you’ll find her discovering obscure museums, restaurants, shops, movies, or concerts. She also enjoys painting, cooking, jewelry-making, and taking her dogs out on random adventures. We believe with the addition of the new office and new employee Vision Builders will continue to grow and expand as a company. We are so excited about the expansion and if you are in the Alexandria area, stop in and say Hi!