We think it’s fair to say, that everyone likes to work with people they enjoy.  Is there a better way to get to know someone than finding out the ‘good stuff’? With a growing team and a few new faces around the office, it seems like a good time help you get to know us better.

Fun Fact: Our team combined has over 150+ years of FoodService Design experience


  • Great design, Realistic VFX & Photorealism and my wife & kids Art, music, photography/light, nature, architecture, historical sites
  • Humility
  • My competitiveness sprinkled with some serious OCD. If it weren’t for either of these, I’d be a major slacker
  • The underdog in anything
  • My hubby, kids, & grandkids
  • People who will stop at nothing to make a positive difference in others
  • My brother, Ray …. & traveling!
  • Passionate People
  • Abstract design and modern art
  • People who try and leave the world better than they found it
  • What: The idea of design that expands peoples persona of what can be done,  Who: Garth Brooks
  • The ability to guide a person’s feelings and experiences through space
  • Julius Shulman, photographer of mid-century modern architecture. His beautiful representation of light and composition has been an a big inspiration for me when creating 3D renderings


  • American Tap Room – Dallas, TX, Johns Hopkins Hospital (Renderings only)
  • USC – Beefsteak Renderings
  • Raymond James Tower 6. I got to design with latin, colorful flair
  • Rowan for 2016 – and going to be TAMU Commons for 2017
  • Cantina 1511 at Park Road and Central Table at Barnes Jewish
  • Capital One – The Den
  • Presbyterian Kitchen Renovation, Northrup Grumman, Auburn University – Athletic Dining
  • EATS Café @ Capital One, Richmond Campus
  • The next one…
  • Too many to choose…
  • SUNY Purchase
  • ManhattanVille Starbucks
  • University of South Carolina – Russel House, it was a unique concept that was taken beyond our usual boundaries


  • Travel would be ideal
  • Beach, book, cigar & snack (all at the same time)
  • Making Beer, Barbecuing with family, Golf, Photography, Beach Holiday in Idyllic location
  • Relaxing with my wife and dogs, being in the mountains, running, music, going out to eat, shopping and video games
  • Backpacking in the mountains
  • Mountain home, writing stories
  • Being outdoors, working on my farm and enjoying nature.
  • Music Festivals with my wife ?
  • Boating
  • A hammock, book, sunshine and nice breeze (with no bugs or neighbors within 20 miles)
  • Relaxing on the beach with a nice cold adult beverage!
  • Camping!
  • Building something or designing something that I have been told can’t be done or fixing something just because I can
  • It’s a tie between being on the beach with my dogs and a smoothie and being curled up with a book, art project, or new music on a rainy day
  • Embracing any moment I can to escape from my everyday life.  i.e. Being outdoors and/or by the water


  • GOT, Breaking Bad, House of Cards
  • Shows: The bachelor/bachelorette, Top Chef, and Inked
  • Game of Thrones
  • Hershey Bars
  • Can’t say…
  • CBS Survivor, Fifthy Harmony, chocolate cake
  • Tuning into some good old soul music and tuning everyone else out
  • It was Breaking Bad, now it’s Preacher!
  • All things gluten
  • Skinwars and a blueberry/pineapple dessert I only allow myself to eat for my birthday
  • Anything on Bravo and I love real crime and wrongful conviction Podcasts
  • Re-watching my favorite movies; some of my favorites include Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and ANY Marvel movies…combined, I’ve probably seen them over 100 times!
  • Cars or anything with a motor, wheels and the perfect exhaust note
  • All dance competitions (except for Dancing with the Stars, for some reason)
  • Koan (Underground Electronic Music Group), Ray Donovan (Very addicting TV Show)

…Can you relate? Don’t be afraid to let us know!

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