“Are you in Revit?”

It’s the number one question we always ask our Equipment Reps when we meet with them.

It has become second nature for our Foodservice team to ask this question. This is because we all realize the importance of having families that represent the final product being specified correctly is to fitting into the overall design of a space. Though it is possible for the content to be created by our own Foodservice team it is more ideal that those families come direct from the manufacturer and are 100% accurate. (i.e. all options and all utility information is correct, etc.)

Why having accurate families is so important? All items of foodservice effect other disciplines and require a lot of coordination between all trades. Utility locations and even leg locations on equipment can be a nightmare in the field if they are incorrect in our Revit family.

There are numerous avenues where Foodservice equipment content is available, such as KCL and AutoQuotes. Most manufacturers already use these platforms to get their content out to designers, and they are also very helpful and prompt if any issues occur with their software. Having incorrect information in your schedule can happened to any of us, (and shows that you are human) but it is a hindrance to the overall project that could easily be avoided. At the end of the day, as Foodservice Consultants that use the Revit program on 100% of our work, we believe having the most accurate information in Revit is top priority. As integral parts of these projects, everything we do affects other areas and the flow of the overall project.

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